Report Suspicious Activities By Online
Trading Brokers And Get Your Money Back

Suppose you have invested funds with a Forex, crypto, CFD, or binary options broker. You were convinced that everything goes smoothly and that you’re in profit. Yet, once you tried accessing your account, the access was denied. Your account manager was unavailable and the company website was unreachable. You’re left to fight for your own money.

If you recognize yourself in this story, you should know that you’re not the only one. There are numerous victims seeking justice. And we’re here to help. How? With years of experience under our belt, we have the means of identifying violations committed by unregulated trading companies.

Knowledge is power. And knowing how to investigate suspicious transactions and find the perpetrators is the best skill you can have in today’s financial climate.

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Recovered Money in 2021
100% Free Consultation

Europe Refund offers its clients a 100% FREE consultation. We will collect the evidence and evaluate each case by looking into all the details.

30-90 Days To Resolve

We’re doing our best to resolve the dispute in the shortest period of time. On average, it takes us 30-90 days to complete the process.

Preparing Legal Documentation

We’re investigating each case thoroughly and preparing the legal documentation necessary for successful dispute resolution.

Claim Your Money Back
If your money was taken by a Binary Option/ Forex/ Cryptocurrency scams, a Free Consultation can help you understand how to proceed!

Europe Refund is in touch with numerous people who suffered monetary losses due to dealing with dishonest online service providers. It’s important to know that you’re not alone.

Don’t give up. Fight back for what’s rightfully yours.

We’re here to help you get justice!