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You heard from your stock advisor a few months ago, and they offered positive reports on your finances. But there’s a problem: your investment slowly diminishes. Without any notice, the company liquidates, leaving fraud and scam victims almost powerless to fight for their lost investments.

In the fast-paced world of regulated and unregulated business, these schemes are a dime a dozen. Get equipped with the proper knowledge to navigate the contemporary world of financial fraud.

You might be thinking, where does the knowledge come from? Investors read books, surf the internet, and contact their usual financial advisors.

However, these sources can’t provide synthesized and up-to-date information on current cyber-scams and flimsy get-rich schemes.

Knowledge is power. In this case, our power manifests in investigatory rapidity and efficiency.

We execute prompt and high-quality work, using a vast repository of experience and knowledge from the world of financial scams.

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Recovered Money in 2021
100% Free Consultation

Europe Refund’s comprehensive services include a free no-obligation consultation where our experienced officers provide you with all the information that is necessary to solve your case.

30-90 days to resolve

We offer an efficient, quick, and simple process. In average, cases are resolved within 60 days.

Exposes Scammers

We expedite the investigatory process by professionally locating and organizing the critical legal documents.

Claim Your Money Back
If your money was taken by a Binary Option/ Forex/ Cryptocurrency scams, a Free Consultation can help you understand how to proceed!

Dozens of defrauded traders contact our team every day, and we think it's important for you to know that you are not the only one who has fallen victim to a fraudulent online broker.

Don't give up! Stand up for your rights and you will be compensated!

Europe Refund is here to help defrauded traders get justice back in their lives!